huge knitted house

Home. Like it or not, we’ve all spent a lot more time there over the last year. Home workouts, kitchen discos, endless Zoom calls; we’ve danced, burpee’d and chatted our way through the last 12 months. (Grateful thanks to Joe Wicks and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.) A lot of us have alsoContinue Reading

ivan the blue lobster

And, frankly, who doesn’t need a lobster? The weirdest thing to grace our Christmas tree in 2020 was Ivan, the blue lobster. (I’d like to be able to quantify this by saying that 2020 was just that kind of year, but that just wouldn’t be truthful – weird things onContinue Reading

snickerdoodles recipe

Seriously, don’t. Ok, I’m kidding. Bake them. Bake them NOW. But don’t blame me when you eat an entire batch in one sitting, ok? The fact that I’m giving you this recipe and urging you to bake these tasty little wonders is not any kind of justification for engaging inContinue Reading

crochet and coral

Yup. Maths, crochet and coral. Ok, so most crafters know just how essential maths is within pretty much every sphere of craft. Knitting? Obviously. Sewing? Same. Crochet? Duh. But did you know that crochet can actually be used to demonstrate maths? No, me either. I like crochet, but I don’tContinue Reading

cranberry and white chocolate cookies recipe

Of course you do! Especially good cookies. And these are very good cookies. Actually, the very best cookies in all the world. Yes, it sounds like an awful exaggeration, doesn’t it? But I promise, these cookies are absolutely amazeballs. I’m not embarrassed to admit that once I discovered this recipe,Continue Reading