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Home sweet home

Home. Like it or not, we’ve all spent a lot more time there over the last year. Home workouts, kitchen discos, endless Zoom calls; we’ve danced, burpee’d and chatted our way through the last 12 months. (Grateful thanks to Joe Wicks and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.)

A lot of us have also taken up new hobbies. There’s been a marked increase in people taking up knitting; companies like Lovecrafts and WeAreKnitters have seen a rapid rise in growth, and a number of smaller yarn and knitting-based businesses have also sprung up.

So it seems only right to celebrate both knitting and our appreciation of ‘home’.

Little House pattern, by Susan B. Anderson

How adorable is this? I immediately want to knit several of these in different colours and build a teensy village.

Knitted House, by Jackie Jeffery

This is a wonderful idea. But even if you’re not going to contribute to a larger piece of patchwork, this little house could be framed to make a lovely piece of wall art.

Gingerbread House, by TeaCosyFolk

If you like your knitted houses to be practical as well as pretty, this cute little tea-cosy is perfect. A cute house, an awesome knitting pattern and tea! What could be better?

Pillow Knitting Pattern, by iKnitDesigns

Another pretty-and-practical design. It’s intarsia and stranded knitting, so maybe not ideal for complete beginners but it looks a fun knit. The designer also suggests that you could change the colours of the door, windows, etc so it’s open to personalising. You could even knit a cushion that looks like your own house!

Dinky Knitted House and Cottage Brooches, by ArtfulLubna

Never mind your heart, wear your home on your sleeve! These gorgeous little brooches are absolutely adorable.

House Stitch Markers, by TheLilacCharmUK

All knitters (and crocheters!) know that stitch markers are an absolute must-have. So not combine your love of knitting/crochet with your love of home? These cute little stitch markers will brighten up your day as you knit.

Of course, you might fancy a bigger challenge when it comes to your knitting projects…

It feels important to remember ‘home’, because even when we’re back out into the world, doing our things and being as busy as we ever were, home will still be there for us at the end of each day.

If you do knit any of these projects, please feel free to tag me on Instagram with

I’d love to see what you make!

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