crochet and coral

Maths. And crochet. And, er, coral?

Yup. Maths, crochet and coral.

Ok, so most crafters know just how essential maths is within pretty much every sphere of craft.

Knitting? Obviously.

Sewing? Same.

Crochet? Duh.

But did you know that crochet can actually be used to demonstrate maths?

No, me either. I like crochet, but I don’t love it. The hook somehow just doesn’t have the same draw for me as the sticks and the sewing machine so, although I can do crochet (I’ve made some mean granny-square blankets in my time), the urge to develop my crochet muscle into something better-than-it-is has just never really developed.

Unlike these two utterly awesome sisters, who managed to combine their love of both crochet and maths in an absolutely amazing exhibition. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how to display hyberbolic geometry, you need to watch this talk. If you love maths and crochet, you need to watch this talk. If you just love crochet, you need to watch this talk.

Frankly, you just need to watch this talk.

Incidentally, the most amazing crochet creation in our house is Ivan, a blue crocheted lobster*. Which I didn’t make. Ivan also managed to grace the top of our Christmas tree last year but, let’s be honest, that’s the least surprising thing of 2020.

*blue lobsters do actually occur in the wild; about 1 in 2 million lobsters are born with the genetic anomaly that causes their shell to be blue.

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