ivan the blue lobster

Just in case you needed a lobster…

And, frankly, who doesn’t need a lobster?

The weirdest thing to grace our Christmas tree in 2020 was Ivan, the blue lobster. (I’d like to be able to quantify this by saying that 2020 was just that kind of year, but that just wouldn’t be truthful – weird things on the Christmas tree has been a ‘thing’ in our house for some years.)

Ivan is, as you can see, a blue crocheted lobster. Not my work, but the work of a very talented person living and working on the Cornish coast.

But, since I wrote about demonstrating hyberbolic geometry with crochet, I thought you lovely people might like to play with oceanic crochet.

So here is the pattern for a lobster of your very own. You can make it in whatever colour you’d like and I’d definitely love to see your creations. If you want to share your lobsters (of any and all colours!), you can tag me with @this.is.scrapunzel

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